There are several methods for dealing with food and resupplying on your PCT thru-hike.

  1. Purchase and pack all your food ahead of time into boxes.  Have someone send the boxes to post offices and stores along the way.
  2. Purchase all your food on the trail.
  3. Do a combination of sending food boxes and purchasing along the way.

Do yourself a favour and DON’T purchase and box all your food ahead of time unless you have certain dietary needs.  It’s a huge undertaking to plan food for 5 months of hiking and is not necessary at all.  Here are some reasons against boxing all your food ahead of time:

  1. You are going to get tired of eating the same old crap.
  2. It costs $10-$20 to send a box.  I rather buy food with that money.
  3. You might not make it.  What a waste of food, time, and money.
  4. You can’t determine how much food you will need accurately enough.
  5. Hiker boxes abound with food.  I’ve done sections almost completely resupplying from hiker boxes.  Undoubtedly the food in these hiker boxes are from hikers that sent them self packages and don’t need all the food inside.

My first supply for 8 days (Harts Pass to Monument to Stehekin)



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