Day 1 – Tues June 14, 2016

Plane to Seattle

My first thoughts about the trip are something along the lines of

  1. I hope my knee holds up for the distance.  Physically disciplining myself will be important.  Yoga every morning before I start walking.
  2. Start patient! Hitting the trail too soon and too hard will cause hardship and risk injury which could take me off for weeks.
  3. Relaxation. This is the most important quality that I will try to feel.  Both mental and physical relaxation will allow your body to make the miles.
  4. Trust. Give yourself to people and allow them to help you.  Understand this connection.
  5. Friendship. Support each other, listen to each other.  Be friends with nature; with tress, snow, rock, air, and all those things that make it possible.
  6. Be at home everywhere.  We are most comfortable at home; the trail is my home now.

July 1, 2016

Canada Day and I reached Stehekin!  A very beautiful trail town with an unbelievably deep glacier fed lake.  Cold and crisp is the water.  I got my food box from the post office and sorted through all my food for the next section.  The shuttle bus from High Bridge was great.  The driver stopped off at the bakery and I got some delicious food; sooo good.  I encountered a black bear on the trail today.  About thirty feet down the trail.  He got sight of me and took off into the bush.  Just Bob surprised me at dinner after he confirmed that “Scott the loner” got airlifted from Hopkin’s Lake by drop down cable.  He also mentioned that Dave had taken a wrong turn and get to Scott until after I did.  Dave had a sat phone with him so they could call for the evacuation.


After this I stopped writing in my journal