I highly recommend purchasing your food along the way while hiking the PCT.  There are many great stops with wonderful restaurants, cafes, diners, bars, grocery stores, gas stations, and many other options for buying the food you need to keep on trekking.  Don’t worry about charging your devices, there are many places to plug-in along the trail.  All the stops below have charging unless otherwise stated.


Stop Description Highlights Info
(2569.4)Shuttle 11 miles SE off trail
This is the first spot you should resupply after your epic first section.  It is possible to resupply at the lodge store but it will be a little bit expensive.  They sell isopropane if you need fuel and you can camp for free in Stehekin at a campsite that is walking distance to the lodge.  A shuttle runs several times a day to the trailhead and they usually stop by the bakery on the way in! There is wifi at the lodge for those getting a room. Tip: you may be able to get the password by asking someone.
  • Potential snow traversing near Rock Pass
  • Stehekin bakery
  • Camp
  • Food USPS mail drop from Seattle
  • Isppropane
  • Private wifi
  • Public laundry
Stevens Pass / Skykomish
(2461)Hitch 16 miles W off trail
When you get into Stevens Pass you can go to the ski lodge where they have a cafeteria that opens at 11am which serves awesome burgers!  After I scarfed down a burg I hitched to Skykomish where I resupplied at the general store and did laundry in town, I then hitched back to the trail the same day.

If you want to meet people you should visit the popular trail angels named The Dinsmores.

  • Nero
  • Buy food in Skykomish
  • Isopropane
  • Public at Stevens Pass cafe
  • Laundromat in Skykomish
(2390)Walk 1 mile E off trail
This is a cool little highway stop with a gas station and another small store. Make sure to go to The Ardvark as they have amazing home made cooking. The owner Dan will take good care of you.
  • Goldmyr Hot Springs alternate
  • Red Mountain pass alternate from hot springs
  • Motel
    $87 USD or easily nero for free
  • Buy food at gas station and small store
  • Isopropane
  • Private wifi
  • Laundry at hotel
White Pass
(2292)Walk 0.5 miles E off trail
Great stop for a zero at the fancy White Pass Village Inn.  There is a gas station cafe that has a good selection of food; burritos, pizza, beer, and lots of other things.  If you don’t want to spend money on the inn there is a free campsite a half mile away from the cafe.
  • Zero at inn
    $100 USD or camp free
  • Buy food at lodge store
  • Isopropane
  • Private wifi
  • Public laundry
Cascade Locks
(2292)On trail
You just reached the state of Oregon and have completed a huge milestone in your hike!  This is a very popular stop and a great place to take a zero.  You can camp for $5 at the Marine Park campground and they have public showers.  There is a good grocery here so you can pack up several food boxes and send them ahead down the trail to the appropriate locations.  Also, the best hiker box on the entire trail is at The Ale House so check that out first before you hit the grocery.  If you sent your bounce box here then pick it up from the post office and reload all your essentials.
  • Zero at Marine park campground
    $5 USD
  • Bounce Bucket
  • Buy food at grocery store
  • Best hiker box on trail at the Ale House
  • Isopropane
  • Wifi at inn
  • Public laundry


Stop Description Type Resupply Isopropane Wifi Laundry Distance off trail
Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge
Holy Jesus you just hit the jackpot because Mt. Hood lodge offers the most amazing breakfast and lunch buffets for a reasonable price.  I ended up sleath camping here two nights so I could get the breakfast again.  I sent a mail drop here from Cascade Locks to reduce my food weight on trail; trust me it’s worth it.  There is a public portable shower in the parking lot that is available; be aware it is not heated water. Sleath camp zero
Food USPS mail drop from Cascade Locks No Public at lodge No 0 miles
Olallie Lake Resort

Olallie is nice spot for a nero.  There isn’t a huge selection for your food resupply and it is expensive but it’s still worth no carrying that weight.  Also note there isn’t any charging plugs at the store.

Buy food at resort store Yes No No 0.1 miles E
Big Lake Youth Camp
This is a great stop for some free vegetarian food, warm hospitality, and a safe place to stay. The camp is owned and operated by the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Their community is welcoming and very friendly, please give a donation, if you can, to help support their mission. Camp
Food USPS mail drop from Cascade Locks. Good hiker box. No Public at camp Public at camp 0.8 miles N
Shelter Cove Resort
Sweet stop just off the trail where the SOBOs and NOBOs start to cross paths.  The resort is hiker friendly and offers cabins, showers, laundry, camping, and a good store.  You can camp at campsite 30 for free but just keep it on the down low. Camp at site 30
Buy food at lodge store. Good hiker box. Yes Public at store Public at resort 2.2 miles S
Crater Lake, Mazama Village
You’re in striking distance of California now and Crater Lake is an awesome way to finish of Oregon.  The store in Mazama Village offers a great resupply and the hiker box is full because of all the NOBOs. Camp
Buy food at store. Good hiker box. Yes Public at store Public at store 2.3 miles
(walk or shuttle)
Ashland is a must stop before you crush the California border. Take advantage of the city lifestyle and amenities while you put in a few zeros to rest up before you take on California. Hotel
$120 USD
Bounce bucket. Buy food at grocery store. Yes Public at many establishments Public 13 miles NW


Stop Description Type Resupply Isopropane Wifi Laundry Distance off trail
Seiad Valley
You’ve got another state under your belt and you only have one more to go.  Seiad Valley is a very small community right on trail.  It is home of the 5lb pancake challenge and the diner in town makes an amazing burger.  I’d recommend pulling a nero here, but there are some options for accommodation in the RV park.  When I was rolling through there was a fire about 10 miles off trail and I had to hike all night to make it through.  The next day the closed off the trail. Nero
Buy food at the grocery store. Yes Public at diner At RV park 0 miles
This is probably one of the more difficult towns to hitch into because of how remote the area and road are.  I recommend getting to the road earlier in the day so that you have a greater chance of seeing cars.  There is a great hostel called the Hiker Hut which rents beds for around $20, or allows you to set up tents for a little cheaper.  They offer wifi, laundry, and a warm hospitable stop for weary hikers.  There are great options for buying food in town. Hostel
$20 USD
Buy food at the grocery store. Yes At Hiker Hut At Hiker Hut 10.4 miles NE
Castella is a gas station 2 miles SW of the trail.  I was hoping there would be better hot food than was available, but they do sell hot burritos and some other breakfast sandwiches.  The resupply options are not great at the gas station but you can make do.  If you want better options you are a short hitch hike away from Dunsmuir and Shasta City. Nero
Buy food at the gas station. No No No 2 miles SW
Burney Falls State Park
Burney Falls State Park has a small store where you can resupply and eat some basic hot food like burgers and hot dogs.  It is a good spot to nero as it is just off trail.  Also note the Burney Mountain Guest Ranch is located just of mile 1407.2 and has great accommodations.  I did not stop here, but I would highly recommend it based on feedback I have heard. Nero
Buy food at the camp store Yes No No 2 miles
Old Station – Hat Creek Rim
Ok so this stretch from Burney to Old Station you will pass through the Hat Creek Rim which is a beautiful stretch filled with desert views along a big escarpment ridge.  However there is no water for 30 miles except for a well stocked cache in the middle. Whether you want to rely on that cache is up to you.  This stretch is hot at this time a year so take care to stay hydrated with enough electrolytes. Nero
Buy food at the camp store Yes ? Yes 0.3 miles
The descent and ascent of Belden was painful; I remember it being a big elevation change in a fairly short distance.  There is a great stop in Belden if you wanted to take a zero.  The place is right on trail and has a good breakfast and store. Nero
Buy food at the lodge store Yes Yes Yes 0 miles
Sierra City
You are now entering the range of mountains known as the Sierra’s! Things are going to start looking a lot different and you are going to be getting some amazing views in the next section. Sierra City is a great stop for a zero if you wanted to rest up before taking on the High Sierras.
At this point in my trip I was rushing to get to the Sierras before the snow started so I ended up taking a lot of neros in northern Cali.
Buy food at the general store Yes Yes Yes 1.4 miles SW
South Lake Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe is a big city and great place to retool before you head into the High Sierras. There are outfitters in town so you can buy or repair equipment if you need too. I would send your bounce box here with your warmer clothes for those high altitude nights. Great food, gambling,
hotels, and the lake is awesome.
Zero at motel
$100 USD
Bounce Bucket. Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 12 miles NE
Sonora Pass – North Kennedy Meadows
This is the entrance into the High Sierras. Zero at lodge
$30 USD
Buy food at the lodge store Yes Yes Yes 9.1 miles W
Toulumne Meadows – Yosemite Valley
This section is an awesome opportunity to hike “down” into Yosemite Valley. My recommended route is to go by Tenaya Lake,
then up to Clouds Rest, on to summit Half Dome, then down to the water falls trail into Yosemite Valley. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the trail.
Nero at Yosemite hiker camp
$5 USD
Buy food at the camp store Yes Yes Yes hike ~ 25 miles SW into Valley
(hitch out of Valley to Toulumne Meadows)
Kearsarge Pass – Independence
This is it baby! You’re now doing the High Sierras and hiking pass after pass. Zero at motel
$100 USD
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 20.6 miles E (hitch from Onion Valley campsite)
South Kennedy Meadows
You have finished the Siearrs. Nero in tipi
Buy food at the camp store Yes Yes Yes 0.5 miles E (walk)
Lake Isabella – Walker Pass
This is a nice town to recharge after having finished the Sierras. There is a post office and a big grocery store so it’s a got spot to access your bounce bucket.  How light you want to pack for the dessert is up to you; but remember it gets really cold in the dessert at night and you still have to pass San Jacinto mountain (mile 200) where it can snow at anytime.  I hiked through a November snow storm on San Jacinto and it ended up being one of the hardest sections of the trail for me. Zero at Lake Isabella motel
$70 USD
Bounce Bucket.
Buy food at the grocery store
Yes Yes Yes 37 miles W (hitch)
Mojave or Tehachapi
Getting a hitch off highway 58 took a little while. Zero at motel
$70 USD
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes ~10 miles (hitch)
Agua Dulce
Nice little town right on trail. Nero
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 0 miles (walk)
Cajon Pass
McDonalds on trail. Zero at motel
Buy food at the convenience store Yes Yes Yes 0 miles (walk)
Big Bear Lake
Awesome tourist ski town. Lots of good options. Zero at hiker hostel
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 9 miles SW (hitch)
Take a look at summiting San Gorgonio in this section Nero
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 4.5 miles W (hitch/walk)
Great little scenic mountain town. Zero at motel
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 5.2 miles W (hitch/walk)
Warner Springs
The community center in town has food for resupply and allows camping. Nero
Buy food at the community center Yes Yes Yes 0 miles (walk)
Mt. Laguna
Great little scenic mountain town. Nero
Buy food at the grocery store Yes Yes Yes 5.2 miles W (hitch/walk)
Congratulations!  Pick-up your bounce bucket from the post office and catch the public bus into San Diego. Bounce Bucket.
Buy beer at convenience store No No No 0 miles