To Begin

Let’s start by listening to the purr of my cat Mya; not my cat, but rather my friend.


Why? Within the purr of a cat lies the entire universe.  A relaxed state, a comfortable state, a state in which it is completely ok to be yourself; to be yourself without having to be yourself.  To share yourself with another, to communicate openly with them so that we might understand each other.  The cat, while it’s been domesticated over the centuries, is still truly a wild animal, reacting on instinct, cunning, selfishness, neediness, and of course hunger.  The hunger is strong within cats; the enjoying hunger, the insatiable hunger, the life hunger; trishna!  Not trishna as trishna; but trishna as a beautiful desire which attracts us to each other; for better or worse.  This desire is my desire for the trail…

Meow… ok let’s get this rolling.  It’s been too long sitting a life of malaise, wasting away in the endless youtube streams, wiki streams, programming streams, media streams, screen streams, social streams; streams of a civilized life. Can we change our stream? Perhaps we could swim in different stream, and it’s my intention to jump into the trail stream; the PCT stream!

It’s an interesting thing to change your environment.  So many gurus, masters, and self help specialists focus on the idea of looking into ones self and changing the self from the inside. Changing how you react to a situation, putting the responsibility on ourself.  We say, it’s not the situation that’s the problem, it’s how we react to the situation.  Or rather it’s how we choose to react. We should understand that the environment and the self are intrinsically connected, either can’t exist without the other. When I change myself, I also change my environment.  And if I change my environment, I also change myself. So we can change ourselves from both the inside and the outside.  Which do you prefer?

In this journey my environment will change dramatically from the regular day activities we find ourselves in.  This is so interesting, to think about hiking all day, being self-sufficient, and physical on a consistent basis.  What will happen, how will I change, and how will I stay the same?  And so the adventure begins…

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